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Glenn Dixon
It’s 1974 and Levi Jaxon is about to become very famous. He’s living in his best friend’s basement, sending out demo tapes to record companies when, miracle of miracles, he’s asked to audition at Abbey Road Studios for the already famous band, Downtown Exit. The problem is, it’s all lies.

STARFest facts

Glenn Dixon’s fourth book, Bootleg Stardust, is about a band in 1974. The author has played in bands all his life, and for this book he created a full soundtrack of songs. Recorded on the legendary Rolling Stones Mobile Studio and then mastered at Abbey Road Studios, the project was the dream of a lifetime.

His #1 bestselling memoir, Juliet’s Answer, was published in twelve countries and translated into five languages including Chinese, Spanish and German. His second book, Tripping the World Fantastic, was a travelogue about music around the world. Glenn has traveled through more than 75 countries, and written for National Geographic, the New York Post, The Globe and Mail, The Walrus, and Psychology Today. Before becoming a full-time writer, he taught high school English for twenty years. He lives in Calgary.

Barry Bailey is a long-time resident of St. Albert. Currently he is a bookbinder and proprietor of St. Albert’s only used bookstore, Bailey Books. Past adventures have included careers in radio and television, musician, concert producer, writer and corporate communications. He has also volunteered with the Arts & Heritage Foundation and the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce.