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Genevieve Graham
Letters Across the SeaInspired by a little-known chapter of World War II history, a young Protestant girl and her Jewish neighbour are caught up in the terrible wave of hate sweeping the globe on the eve of war in this powerful love story that’s perfect for fans of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

“If you’re reading this letter, that means I’m dead. I had obviously hoped to see you again, to explain in person, but fate had other plans.”

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Genevieve Graham is the USA TODAY and #1 bestselling author of The Forgotten Home Child, Letters Across the Sea, Tides of Honour, Promises to Keep, Come from Away, and At the Mountain’s Edge. She is passionate about breathing life back into Canadian history through tales of love and adventure. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Letters Across the Sea is a poignant novel about the enduring power of love to cross dangerous divides.

As 18 year old Molly Ryan works to help her family through the Depression, Hitler’s hateful ideas are crossing the sea to Toronto, a city already simmering with unrest. When tensions between the Irish and Jewish communities erupt, Molly and her best friend are caught in the middle, with devastating consequences.

Six years later, Molly is a reporter and a new war is on the horizon. As letters trickle in from overseas, Molly is forced to confront what happened all those years ago.

After a long journalism career, Elinor Florence published her first novel, Bird’s Eye View, in 2014; it became a Canadian bestseller. She released Wildwood in 2018 and it was named by Kobo “one of the best Canadian novels of all times.” Elinor has written a series of stories about Canada’s wartime history, many of which appeared in the collection My Favourite Veterans: True Stories From World War Two’s Hometown Heroes.