shandi mitchell
Photo by Christopher Porter
Shandi Mitchell
The Waiting Hours
Thursday, Oct. 24 | 7 PM | Forsyth Hall
With a city prickling under a heat wave and a hurricane threatening to make landfall, three first responders will be forced to make choices that will alter lives. A storm is coming and nobody is prepared. Shandi Mitchell will be in conversation with Jacqueline Baker.

STARFest Facts
Shandi Mitchell is an author and filmmaker. Her debut novel, Under This Unbroken Sky, received numerous awards including the 2010 Commonwealth Regional Prize for First Book and the Thomas Head Raddall Fiction Award. Mitchell was born in New Brunswick, raised in Alberta, and now lives in Nova Scotia.

In The Waiting Hours, tragedy erupts on a stifling summer night, connecting three ordinary people with the extraordinary jobs of rescuing strangers. Each is deeply devoted to what they do, but they are all beginning to crack under the immense pressures of their work.

Tough-as-nails Kate, when she's not working with her beloved search-and-rescue dog, Zeus, is a trauma nurse who spends her off-duty hours trying to forget what she has seen. Respected police officer Mike is on the edge of burnout and on a downward spiral that may be impossible to break. Tamara, an agoraphobic 911 dispatcher, is propelled into a story she can't avoid, and must enter the world to find out how it ends.
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Jacqueline Baker is the author of A Hard Witching and Other Stories, which won the Danuta Gleed Literary Award, the City of Edmonton Book Prize, and the Howard O’Hagan Award for Short Fiction, and was a finalist for the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize. Her first novel, The Horseman's Graves, was a finalist for the Evergreen Award.