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Read Alberta eBooks
Panel discussion
Wednesday, Oct. 23 | 7 PM | Forsyth Hall
Join Wendy McGrath, Lauren Carter, Randy Nikkel Schroeder and Michelle Kaeser for a panel discussion about their experiences having their books available in electronic format as part of the Book Publishers Association of Alberta’s Read Alberta eBooks project. The authors will be in conversation with Diana Davidson.

Read Alberta eBooks Collection
In 2017, the BPAA partnered with the Alberta government to make Alberta-published eBooks available to readers across the province. The Read Alberta eBooks collection is continually enriched as titles are added on a regular basis.

Prairie Indigenous eBook Collection
Launched in January 2019, this significant addition to the Alberta eBooks repository brings together over 200 titles from publishers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The first of its kind in Canada, the Prairie Indigenous collection increases access to stories by Indigenous authors, and writings about Indigenous culture.


STARFest Facts
Wendy McGrath
Broke City, the final book in Wendy McGrath’s Santa Rosa trilogy, is a lyrical, working-class gothic novel that follows the creative young Christine as she edges into self-awareness in the now-vanished Edmonton neighbourhood of Santa Rosa, a community built on meat-packing plants and abattoirs.

Randy Nikkel Schroeder (A.M. Arruin)
In the absurdist, cyberpunk Arctic Smoke, ageing punk musician Lor Kowalski reunites with his old band to trek north for an Arctic festival tour. As the band unspools across the surreal snowscapes, rogue CSIS agents are hot on their heels.

Lauren Carter
This Has Nothing To Do With You opens with Mel and her older brother Matt coming across the aftermath of a murder committed by their mother. This compulsively readable novel follows their lives in Northern Ontario, examining the bonds formed through trauma and grief.

Michelle Kaeser
The Towers of Babylon tracks four Millennials pinballing around Toronto – where real estate prices are hyper-inflated, infrastructure is crumbling, and climate change is bringing on killer heat and savage storms. Each tries to do what’s right for themselves and for the world, but what does “right” mean?
Diana Davidson is an award-winning author of creative nonfiction. She won the Writers' Guild of Alberta's Jon Whyte Memorial Essay Prize and was longlisted for the CBC Writes CNF Prize. Her writing has appeared in Alberta Views, Avenue Edmonton, Little Fiction and the Winnipeg Review.