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Photo by Lucy Mahoney
Anne Bokma
My Year of Living Spiritually
Monday, Oct. 21 | 7 PM | Forsyth Hall
In 2017, Anne Bokma embarked on a quest to become a more spiritual person. That quest led her through a diverse range of practices, from singing in choirs to using a float tank, observing Lent, and spending a week at a witch camp. Anne will be in conversation with Laurel Vespi.

STARFest Facts
Anne Bokma is an award-winning journalist and the “Spiritual but Secular” columnist for Broadview. Her articles have appeared in many of Canada’s leading national magazines and newspapers. She founded the popular 6-Minute Memoir “speed storytelling for a cause,” charitable events where storytellers share tales on a theme. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

Anne was raised in a strict fundamentalist Christian home; while she left her religion many years ago, she felt something was missing from her life. And so she embarked on a series of spiritual practices to try to revive her soul.

Her journey included the exploration of church, forest therapy, Tarot, tattoos and more. She took magic mushrooms for the first time, had a past life regression therapy session, hosted a death dinner and picked out her own coffin. Along the way, she reconsidered key relationships in her life and began to experience the greater depth of meaning, connection, gratitude and inner peace that she was longing for.
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Laurel Vespi is a professional speaker and award-winning author who helps people manage their busy lives with greater well-being and satisfaction. With a down-to-earth style, she shares simple and practical strategies so people can reduce stress, improve workplace productivity and create moments of calm in our hectic and distracted world.