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Abu Bakr al Rabeeah & Winnie Yeung - SOLD OUT!
Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019 | 2 PM | St. Albert Public Library
Homes: A Refugee Story is a stunning story that’s both heartbreaking and hopeful, about the devastation of war and the enduring love of family — an urgently necessary read for understanding Syria and what it’s like to be a refugee. Abu Bakr al Rabeeah and Winnie Yeung will be in conversation with Stephen Womack.

STARFest Facts
Abu Bakr al Rabeeah is an Edmonton high school student. Homes: A Refugee Story tells his family’s story and was written with his teacher, Winnie Yeung. Winnie Yeung lives in Edmonton with her black pug, Zoe. Homes is her first book.

In 2010, the al Rabeeah family left their home in Iraq in hope of a safer life. They moved to Homs, in Syria, just before the Syrian civil war broke out.

Abu Bakr was ten years old when the violence began: car bombings, attacks on his mosque and school, late night firebombs. Homes tells of the strange juxtapositions of growing up in a war zone: horrific, unimaginable events punctuated by normalcy – soccer, cousins, video games, friends.

Homes is the remarkable true story of how a young boy emerged from a war zone – and found safety in Canada. As told to her by Abu Bakr al Rabeeah, writer Winnie Yeung has crafted a heartbreaking, hopeful, and urgently necessary book that provides a window into understanding Syria.
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Stephen Womack is the Department Head of English, Fine Arts & Languages at Bellerose High School. He lives in St. Albert with his wife and three children. Stephen defended Homes: A Refugee Story in March of this year for St. Albert Public Library’s Canada Reads event.